My reflection (Last post for homework)

Today is when I will be telling you about my trip, If I liked it or not, If I visited all the places I wanted to go and if I had fun or not.

Well….. I had a 14 day trip ( I couldn’t fit all 14 days) and I visited exactly 30 places!! 30 that is a lot of places!

I absolutely ❤ it. It was a fantastic trip. I would do it 100 x 100 etc.

Sadly I didn’t get to go to every place I wanted to go. I would of gone to 30 and more places.

I had tonnes of fun. On a scale of 1 – 10 I would rate 9 1/2 it was soooo fun.

Sadly this is the last blog for homework. Thank you for reading.

Lachy 🙂


Day 5: My final Blog (For Homework)

Today was the 13.7.25. Today I went to 2 different places: Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is soooo tall! It is 468  metres tall! When I went there  I had to put my head back so far I thought it would fall of! The Oriental Pearl Tower was made in 1994 for an unexplained reason.

Fun Facts about the Oriental Pearl Tower.

  1. The elevator in the Oriental Pearl Tower moves at 7 metres a second!
  2. The elevator capacity per hour is 2,500 people!
  3. The Oriental Pearl Tower is 19 stories high!
  4. The Oriental Pearl Tower is 120,000 tons!

Well this is the end of my blogging (for homework) but I will keep blogging after this.


Day 4: My trip to Shanghai


Day 4 (13.7.25): Shanghai was a fabulous place I took Air China as my plane. It took 1 hr and 55 mins to get to Shanghai. I managed to watch only 1 movie though. When I got there I took a few photos of the Oriental Pearl Tower and other great looking artifact while I was there. All the buildings looked so HUGE! The tallest building is the shanghai tower which is 632m tall. That is tall! I stayed at a hotel called the IFC Residence hotel.

IFC Residence hotel

It looks fabulous doesn’t it? Indoor swimming and all. It’s amazing.

( I wish this was for real but sadly it’s only homework ) :(.

Well I wish you were here.

wish you were here joke

Lachy 🙂

Day 3: More things I did in Beijing

Day 3 (12.7.25). Today was another great day here in Beijing. I went to 2 very famous places: The Great Wall Of China and the Beijing Ancient Observatory

The Great Wall of China

great-wall of china

The Great Wall of China is soooo long, apparently it is 5,500 miles that is along walk! Who would bother measuring how long it is? Like seriously! It would have taken a long time to do it. The Great Wall of China was built in 206 BC because The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang wanted to build a wall to keep out all the invaders in the 7th century.

Fun Facts about The Great Wall of China:

  1. Nearly 1/3 of the Great Wall has disappeared without trace!
  2. The Great Wall of China can’t be seen from space with the naked eye.
  3. The Great Wall of China is over 2,300 years old!
  4. The highest point in The Great Wall of China is 14 metres tall.

The Beijing Ancient Observatory

Ancient Observatory

The Beijing Ancient Observatory was apparently made in 1442.  That was 573 years ago! That is a long time! Anyway there are 12 different items in the Beijing Ancient Observatory. It is 10,000 square meters that is huge!

Here is a photo of where the Beijing Ancient Observatory is

Ancient Observatory map

It is a Fabulous Place 🙂

-Lachy 🙂

Day 2: Things I did in Beijing

Day 2 (11.7.25)

Today was a great day in Beijing. I went to 2 different places and they were the best.

Forbidden City:

forbidden city

The Forbidden city looks AMAZING! It took 18 minutes to get from the Red Wall Garden Hotel to the Forbidden City, I found out that you spell it like this 紫禁城 (Zǐjìnchéng). The Forbidden City on the inside looked like an art museum. It looked SO AMAZING!



Forbidden City facts: It is the world’s biggest ancient palace, The structure is almost 600 years old and it is China’s most popular single site tourist attraction.

Yuanmingyuan Park:


It looks so COOL! It took 36 minutes to get from The Forbidden City to Yuanmingyuan Park. this is how you spell it: 圆明园 (Yuánmíngyuán). The structure looked like a war happened around here!


Yuanmingyuan park is also known as Old Summer Palace.

Today was a FABULOUS DAY!!!! 🙂

My flight to Beijing


It was a wonderful experience going to Beijing. I took QANTAS airlines to Beijing, they had the best food. I went on First class, it was so good how we could put our feet up and relax. The trip took 11 hours and 50 minutes. I watched 8 movies during the flight. I also Brought my Laptop with me so I did some work on it too. By the time I got there it was 9: 37 PM so I went straight to my accommodation which was the Red Wall Garden Hotel.



It was a great place. 🙂